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Monthly challenge April

2020-05-02 | Monthly challenge
The monthly challenge for April was to take a walk every day. Missed some days buy took a walk almost every day.

My monthly challenge for May will be the same as it was for January. The challenge is to code every day. I want to do it again to get coding back in to my daily routine. Because I felt so productive and motivated during January and February when I coded every day.

Monthly challenge March

2020-04-05 | Monthly challenge
My monthly challenge was to not eat any sugar like candy, buns or cakes during march. I succeed with it.

I have not coded every day during March. But will try to change my habit back now during April and start coding something every day.

Monthly challenge February

2020-03-01 | Monthly challenge
My code every day challenge from last month continued this month and I have successfully coded and committed something everyday since 1 January.
This month coding has mostly been finishing the CS50G and going through my old projects that was not committed to Github. You can now find some of them on my itch.io.
I found one of the projects realy intressting, so I have continued working on it during this month. It will be released on Itch.io later when it's done.

I also had a yoga challenge during February. The yoga challenge was to do Yoga with Adriene every day. It was challenging to get up earlier every morning before work, but it was also nice to accomplish something every morning.

HarvardX: CS50G

2020-02-15 | GameDev
I started the CS50G in January to test my skills and have now done all the assignments except the Final Project. Most of the challenges was easy and the biggest challenge with them was to understand the structure of the code.
I have uploaded my submissions to YouTube.

Monthly challenge January

2020-01-31 | Monthly challenge

I started this year with a monthly challenge to do at least 1 commit to Github every day. During this month have I committed every day and committed to 4 different project. A total of 84 commits this month. You will see less commits on my Github because some of the projects are in private repositories.

Project I have worked on during January:

My website

2020-01-01 | Development
My website is built with a Python backed using Flask and is currently running on App engine in GCP.